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Certified Health Coach and Counselor

CrossFit? Yoga? Running? Lifting? High Intensity Workout? You name it… I LOVE it! But it wasn’t until I learned how to use “Food as Fuel” that my workouts took on a whole new life! 

As your Health Coach, I will partner with you to find out what nutrition choices really make your body reach it’s full potential! No cookie cutter gimmicks – my approach involves getting real with you and learning YOU – then putting the pieces together to find your unique success! When you work with me, you should expect…

  • A no-cost 30 minute consultation to see if we’re a good fit
  • Private face to face or online Health Coaching sessions tailored to your unique needs!
  • Help setting up your specific caloric and macro-nutrient goals
  • A full health history that will let me know where I need to start with you
  • Inclusion in our very active and supportive private Facebook group
  • Email communication with me in between our sessions with any quick questions that come up for you.
  • Accountability and the honest, push you need from me to get through those road blocks that have been holding you back!

Questions?? Let’s talk!

I want to get to know you personally! What are your goals? What have you tried before? Why do you need these changes in your life? Schedule your first 30-minute consult with me at no charge to make sure we’re a good fit for each other! My commitment to you is raw honesty, my undivided attention to your unique concerns, and the support you need to stay motivated and make these changes your new way of life!

Did you know that nutrition is 85% of what it takes to reach your health goals?

Yep, that’s one crazy high number, but it’s true! We would never say fitness isn’t important! But what if you could kick your goals into high gear and get the very  most out of your exercise program by changing your diet… without being hungry or frustrated?

Carbs, Protein, Macros, Micros?

So many opinions – so few real answers!  I get it – my top priority is to help you understand your body’s unique needs.  Learn why some people can eat carbs and still make gains, but others just pack on unnecessary pounds.  I don’t push any expensive supplements or products! Our one on one, private Health Coaching sessions will give you the support, education, and insight you need to find REAL answers and make REAL changes that last a lifetime!

Cravings Controlling Your Food Choices?

Learn how to be the boss of your own body and how to re-train your brain to crave what it truly needs! I will teach you how to not only listen to your body, but also how to direct your body, change your taste buds, and get rid of self-sabotaging behaviors for good!

Low on Energy? Tired? Stressed?

Sometimes I just chalk these feelings up to the overwhelming demands of life. But as a mother of 3 teenagers, in a family with two very busy entrepreneurs, I totally get it! I will help you learn how the combination of energy-sucking food and stress can be completely sabotaging your fitness goals. In fact, it may literally be keeping you from losing or gaining your desired weight. So I’m going to teach you what you need to do to change that for good!

Feeling stuck at your weight?

We’ve been trained to believe that if we just work out harder, we’ll reach our goals… but what if it just doesn’t have to be that hard? Let me show you a much simpler path to success.  Being fit, lean and strong is not just for a select few who are genetically gifted – your goals are reachable!  I’m here to personally support you, help you find answers, and help you make changes in your food choices that will stick with you for the rest of your life!

You’re SUPER BUSY!! I get that!

That’s why I surround you with all of the support you need in your private coaching sessions, and private Facebook group. I’ll also be giving you tools and resources that I use myself and know work best!

Everything’s better with friends!

You will be included in our very exclusive Your Healthy Side private Facebook group for members only! Here you will get to interact with our educators and fellow members, receive recipes, cooking demo videos, and ask any question you have, getting valuable feedback from our group! We’re a VERY friendly group ready to support you and cheer you on, so be ready to have a lot of fun and also be challenged to make some meaningful shifts! If you sign up with a friend, feel free to choose him/her as your accountability partner. Or better yet… let us introduce you to someone and meet a new friend!


“Great Program if you’re looking to clean up your diet. Lots of tips and tricks to help you along the way!!” – Derek – CrossFit Coach

“Best choice I’ve made for myself and my nutrition!!!” – Cait – Pharmaceutical Sales Rep

“This program is an awesome opportunity to focus on your nutrition in a supportive, judgement-free zone.” – Allison – CrossFit Member and Aviation Accident Analyst

The discussions within the private Facebook group alone are worth the price of admission” – Shawn Rider, Shenandoah CrossFit, Owner

“Lori really has taught me to look at food so differently.  No soda or junk food in four weeks!!” – Traveling Nurse

Are you Ready?

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Bi-weekly personal health coaching sessions with Lori to keep you dialed in with very specific goals and a plan that works for YOU

Inclusion in our private Facebook group, full of education, cooking and education videos, and a community of support from like-minded people!

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Lori Fountain Bales, Owner of Your Healthy Side

Lori Fountain Bales, CHC, LCSW

Hello… I’m Lori Fountain Bales, and I’m the Owner of Your Healthy Side, LLC. As a Certified Health Coach, Licensed Psychotherapist, and life-long athlete, I am incredibly passionate about health and fitness! I’ve spent many years lifting weights, training for road races and ultra-marathons and just trying to be in shape, but didn’t give enough thought to my nutrition. For too long, I had no idea that I had so much more to learn – I wasn’t reaching my goals, because I didn’t know what I didn’t know. So when I took the time to learn how to use Food as Fuel, you can be sure it was a game-changer for me!! I’m now 48 years old and in the best shape of my life, with enough energy to go around! It is my mission to help you understand the critical truth about how to change your diet and life-style in ways that will completely re-shape the most important part of your life – your happiness! I can’t wait to support you and give you everything I have to get you moving in the right direction.